List of Software Houses in Pakistan

This list of software houses in Pakistan will come in handy when you look forward to develop a desktop or server level software for your business.

Due to the advancement of technology over a period of time, the work which was done manually is now done by software. This is due to the need for improved efficiency and reliability. This change has gradually bought an increase in demand for software professionals and software houses to cater to the needs.

Software houses provide you tools that make it possible for you in a much quicker, reliable, and better way to manage your business operations. It is most important for you to select a suitable software development company to fulfill the need and find solutions to the problem that your business face.

For your help we have created a list of software houses in Pakistan from which you can select the most suitable one according to your business needs.

Ovex Technologies

Ovex Technologies is one of the biggest offshore IT solutions and BPO solutions provider. The company employees more than 670 highly skilled workers. It offers specialized software development services all across Pakistan.

The company was established in 2009 with an objective to become one of the leading providers of IT services in Pakistan. It is now operating in Pakistan and other countries with over 500 companies.


If we talk about one of the best software houses in Pakistan then we can never forget to mention TechAbout. It is a tech firm based in the Pakistani city of Lahore. TechAbout offers a large range of IT goods and provides its customers in the area of information technology with reliable solutions.

It also offers technical products. Software House to support various fields of consultancy, prototyping, scripting, modeling, and quality assurance.


Macrosoft is one of the leading software houses located in Lahore, Pakistan. By developing creative and groundbreaking products, the organization seeks to achieve greater excellence.

Macrosoft software has carried out several IT and tech ventures. The primary goal of Macrosoft Business is to provide consumers with successful and creative IT and software solutions.

Unicorn Technologies software house

Unicorn Technology offers Business Software Creation, Application Development (Desktop, Online & Mobile), Product Development, Digital Commerce, UI / UX Layout, and IT management consulting as a full-service software development agency. The company has achieved a big name in the market and a good track record in the previous years.


RevnoSoft is a full-service software firm for web, tablet, and smartphone apps providing a wide variety of technological resources to suit the business requirements. They have full market re-structuring, method & product creation, and other IT services customized to your needs. Along with development services at reasonable prices.


Kalsoft is a large and excellent IT professionals firm which was founded years ago in 1999 in Pakistan. It has progressed over the years in its field. KalSoft has the potential to provide the best IT courses of action that allow organizations to use their various structures. It also allows staff to achieve computerization and management of their work frames.

Q-Soft Technologies

Q-Soft Technologies is an outstanding programming consulting company operating all around the country. It furthermore operates internationally under the guidance of experienced specialists with a good understanding of IT consultancy and programming improvement.

Their major objective is the application of their commodities by consumers. They are focused on helping their customers to be competitive and succeed in a difficult and revealing market situation.

ITEMPIRE Software House

ITEMPIRE is at the top of the list of software firms in Pakistan because of its high-quality services and efficient work. For the satisfaction of their customers, the highly skilled team of ITEMPIRE delivers the finest and admirable service.

ITEMPIRE only provides the city with the best IT solutions among the best tech houses in Faisalabad. The company’s main aim is customer loyalty and to offer the best IT services in Faisalabad.

Software island

Software island is a Pakistani software company that has offices all over the world. It offers the most efficient software development, web development, SEO, E-business products, and interactive media.

Not only do they offer the best services but also offer affordable charges for its clients and are known to be one of the best software houses in Pakistan. The company has to operate for the past 10 years for both small and big firms.

Genetech Solutions software house

Genetech Solutions is an expert in providing custom software and mobile application development to its customers within allocated time and budget.

The firm employs the best and highly skilled staff to work on its customers’ projects. Shamim Rajani established Genetech solutions in 2004 as a small firm which has now become one of the best software houses in Pakistan.

Pasha Software house

Pasha software house is one of the most prominent software houses in Pakistan. It was founded in 1992 with the aim to develop the software services industry in Pakistan. Pasha software house has almost 500 FMCG companies for which it works. Thus it is one of the most trusted software houses in Pakistan which never sacrifices its quality of services for its customers.


Bramerz is operating for more than 10 years in Pakistan for several businesses. With its best and most professional employees, Bramerz offers quality service to its clients. If you are looking for some good and highly skilled software engineers then you can visit their official website, fill out the form, and hire the workers for your business.

This concludes the list of best software houses in Pakistan. You can also check out the EasyPaisa SME Easy business Facility from our website and can know the features of this facility and benefits you can avail from it.

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