Best Internet Connections in Lahore

Due to the modern trend of home-based and self-employed work, high-speed internet has become a key element similar to water, gas, and electricity in our lives. There may be a lot of limitations on working from home, but nothing at all can be as disturbing as a poor internet connection. Besides that, with a poor internet connection, it’s getting quite hectic to stay on top of your work schedule, along with maintaining your personal life and although the introduction of 3G/4 G in Pakistan has actually brought the wonders of the internet to millions of people, mobile internet is expensive, and if you have numerous internet users at your home you know a lot of video streaming happens, and even a few gigabytes are downloaded daily which cannot be satisfied by the mobile data. It is also a major reason why so many people still prefer broadband connections.

So, if you are living in Lahore and looking for some of the best broadband internet connections then we have made things easier for you by listing down the best internet connections in Lahore.


Launched in 1996, Brain NET is one of the few ISPs in Pakistan to have initiated its services when the Internet connection, as a word and as a utility, was unknown to so many. It is a sub-brand of Brain Telecommunications Limited. In addition to reliability, widespread coverage in Lahore, and highly responsive customer service, the greatest benefit of Brain NET is the wide range of internet plans for people looking for office or home use. Brain Net, which has been operating in Pakistan for two decades and keeps the people of Lahore connected to the rest of the world through its high-speed internet and astounding yet economical packages.

You can check out its most affordable package here:

  • Internet Speed: 5 Mbps
  • Monthly Charges in PKR: 1,499/-
  • Internet Volume: Unlimited 
  • Installation Charges in PKR: No charges


PTCL is ’s leading internet company and is the most accessible and most widely used in the ranking. The semi-government company has a strong fiber backbone including its own underwater cables. The company has evolved significantly, and by subscribing to a PTCL broadband connection, you can seamlessly enjoy unlimited and unimpeded internet access with many users at home or office. 

Here is one of the most convenient and affordable packages offered by PTCL

  • Internet Speed: 6 Mbps
  • Monthly Charges in PKR: 1,750/-
  • Internet Volume: Unlimited
  • Installation Charges in PKR: 2,500 (if you have a landline connection of PTCL) and 5,000 (if you don’t have landline connection of PTCL).


Wi-Tribe is a Qatar-based company but decided to open its services to Pakistan in 2009 and since then has gained attention amongst all general public for offering low price packages and outstanding download and upload speeds. The most noteworthy thing about Wi-Tribe is that the company cracked Pakistan’s Internet speed record by providing 4.5 G of pace from its next-generation LTE-Advanced Home Broadband. 

In contrast to high-speed internet, the company provides simple yet economical packages with no hidden or extra charges. In contrast to high-speed internet, the company provides simple yet economical packages with no hidden or extra charges and includes the taxes.

Here is the most affordable package offered by WI-tribe to its users in Pakistan.

  • Internet Speed: 3 Mbps
  • Monthly Charges in PKR: 1,250/-
  • Internet Volume: 50 GB
  • Installation Charges in PKR: 2,999/- (limited time offer)


Stormfiber is one of the most remunerated internet providers in Lahore–if it’s accessible in your area, go for this without a moment’s hesitation. Operated by Cybernet, StormFiber currently operates in all major cities of Pakistan including Lahore. 

The service provider contends to become the most credible service provider in Pakistan and has also gained popularity due to its high-speed internet and extremely responsive customer service. As the name implies, this particular service provider in Lahore uses fiber optic cables to achieve the best quality baud. Customers have options to choose between broadband speeds of 10mbps (Rs. 1,999), 20mbps (Rs. 2,999), and 30mbps (Rs. 3,999).

  • Internet Speed: 10 Mbps
  • Monthly Charges in PKR: 1,299 (exclusive of tax) 
  • Internet Volume: Unlimited
  • Installation Charges in PKR: PKR 6,000 (exclusive of tax)


Nayatel is accessible in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad and offers FTTH services to many customers across these cities. The company is renowned for its triple-play bundles and great support services.

Buyers can get standard data speeds of 7Mbps for all of their packages. You can get a Fiber powered static IP packages for your business needs. Moreover, you can pay for the services online to Nayatel. For your convenience, you can download the Nayatel application and manage your account, subscribe to products and services, and more in just a few clicks.


Worldcall is an old internet provider in Pakistan. However, the company has now restricted its consumer services to just Lahore and Karachi. WTL offers a range of services within 3 key service categories, i.e. The brand gives the users options to choose from speeds of up to 10Mbps at reasonable prices. The connection makes use of the fiber-optic network. 

  • Internet Speed: 10 Mbps
  • Monthly Charges in PKR: 3,500
  • Internet Volume: –

You can visit the official website of the Worldcall for further details.


Those living in Lahore would definitely be familiar with Optixfiber. Optixfiber is becoming a leading name in Pakistan due to its highly competent and comprehensive services. Besides strong customer service, their broadband packages come at competitive prices, and Optix provides endless opportunities for unlimited entertainment. 

Below is the most popular and affordable internet package offered by Optixfiber

  • Internet Speed: 2 Mbps
  • Monthly Charges in PKR: 1,850/-
  • Internet Volume: Unlimited
  • Installation Charges in PKR: 4,999/-

These are all the leading brands in Lahore which deliver the fast and seamless internet connections to its users at the most economical rates. You can also check the best internet connections in Karach from our website Telefeeds.


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    PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) is the 57th largest telephone operating company in terms of total revenue generated which is about $3.4 billion dollars. PTCL is the largest broadband internet service provider in Pakistan, according to stats revealed in the year 2018 by PTA, PTCL holds about 2.4 million out of a total of 2.6 million fixed local line subscribers and approximately 105,000 annual wireless local loop subscribers. PTCL is not fully owned by the government of Pakistan as it holds a major portion i.e 62%, Etisalat owns 26% and 12% of the total shares of PTCL are owned by the general public respectively. PTCL is providing its users with lightning-fast data rates and an uninterrupted internet connection with no restriction on the number of downloads and uploads.

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