Best Solutions to reduce load shedding in Pakistan

Loadshedding is one of the most serious crises Pakistan is currently experiencing. Many areas of Karachi face load shedding for more than 6 hours a day. People are sick of spending several hours without light. This issue needs to be addressed as early as possible but no certain steps are taken to ensure the people that this crisis will end in near time.

Reason for load shedding in Pakistan

The basic reason behind long hours of load shedding in Pakistan is because the electricity suppliers are not able to produce enough electricity to satisfy the need of the population. Pakistan needs to find adequate energy supplies to satisfy the existing demand for electricity that is growing day by day.  This is directly linked to the malpractices some Pakistani do which cause a great loss of electricity. Some Pakistanis keep their air conditioning on before leaving their homes so that when they return back, the house is cool and comfortable. Many of them even leave fans and lights switched on when not needed and also leave electronic appliances plugged in. Another big reason for the electricity crisis in Pakistan is the theft of power. It is known as the ‘Kunda’ system which is used to steal electric power and is practiced in many areas of Pakistan. These are some of the reasons why electricity is wasted due to its excess usage by some, while some are being deprived of it for many hours.

Ways to reduce Load shedding in Pakistan

Now let us list down the things we all can do to save electricity and reduce load shedding in our country.

1.  Do not practice electricity theft (Kunda System)

The Kunda system is completely illegal and strong measures should be taken against those who practice it. If appropriate measures are taken to avoid this theft and eliminate it entirely from the grid, Pakistan will save up to 25% of its energy.

2.  Reduce electricity usage

We should switch off the lights and fans when they are not needed and unplug the electronic appliances after they have been used to prevent the wastage of electricity. As the electricity-producing firms are not able to produce enough energy for the country by saving electricity, it would be provided to those who are deprived of it for several hours.

3.  Alternate and Renewable energy application

The rising solar panel industry may be the best source of power production that could help a great deal to solve such problems in our country. Solar Thermal is the method of producing heat and cooling by means of solar radiation. Solar Water heaters are very inexpensive and practical for usage in residential, private, manufacturing, and educational institutions. The solar researchers say that a zone requires at least four hours of prime sunshine to yield electricity that is inexpensive. In this regard, Pakistan is the most blessed country with more than 300 days of sunshine in most areas, with 7 to 8 peak hours of sunlight. Hence solar energy can solve our growing electricity needs.

4. Minimize the charging of your cellphones and other devices

It’s very common in Pakistan that every one of our family members has a smartphone. If a family has 6 members, that means all the 6 members usually have a smartphone and they charge them regularly or twice in a day. If we minimize the charging of our phones and laptops we can save electricity.

5. Manage your thermostat

When you have any appliances like the fridge reduce the thermostat by two degrees or more. This will prevent the excessive use of electricity.

6. Change the indecent lightening with LED lights

LED lights can help you save energy significantly. If we install LED lights in different shops and our homes in Pakistan we will be able to save a lot of electricity.

7. Try to reduce the use of electrical appliances

You can reduce the use of microwaves, washing machines, water dispensers, television, and other electrical appliances to save electricity for others.

8. Purchase power saving appliances

Energy-efficient appliances are designed to utilize minimum energy to complete the required task. You can purchase power-saving refrigerators, power-saving air conditioners, and other power-saving appliances to save electricity.

9. Check that all appliances are working properly

Appliances that don’t function properly can drain too much energy. Make sure if all devices are washed, fixed, and , are properly working.

10. Use natural resources as much as possible

You can open up the windows to let the fresh air enter in your room instead of turning on the fan every time. You can also reduce the usage of lights in a day as it is already sunny in the day. Moreover instead of tumble dryers try to air dry the clothes to save electricity.

These ways will not only help us to reduce load shedding in Pakistan but will also save the money we spend on paying expensive electricity bills.

These ways will not only help us to reduce load shedding in Pakistan but will also save our money we spend on paying expensive electricity bills.

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