10 Online Grocery Shops in Karachi, Pakistan

With the rise of online shopping in Pakistan, customer focus has shifted from traditional shopping ethics to modern shopping models. Brick and mortar model has been proved to be the most unreliable method when it comes to stability considering the global pandemic situation. People feel easy and safe when it comes to online shopping. For that, a few shopping marts have started providing this service. E-marts distributing all-across Pakistan especially in Karachi have started to float. Online grocery shops in Karachi have becomes a new trend. You can sit back at the comfort of your home; no hassle is needed to do online grocery shopping.

Online shopping has a lot of benefits. It saves time, it is efficient and reliable. The customer has started to adapt these techniques and building trust is not the most difficult job right now. During the recent pandemic situation, people have been doing grocery online in the quarantine. have been added to the list who are serving groceries in Pakistan during the quarantine. You might face some high load due to lots of people accessing the website at the same time, but this is very rare. Such online stores make sure that their customer faces minimum downtime.

Online grocery in Karachi has become very much common. Following are 10 online grocery shops in Karachi:

1) QnE

QnE is an online grocery store in Karachi that provides fresh grocery stuff at your doorstep. No hassle, no extra delivery charges, you just need to signup with QnE to get the veggies delivered at your home. It is as easy as it sounds. Online grocery shops in Karachi have very reasonable rates. Such e-marts are developed keeping in mind the struggling class of our society and to provide them with the best possible results while keeping the irritation at a minimum level.

QnE provides everything; from vegetables to fresh fruit and other kitchen items like canned foods and boxed products. You can redeem discounts that QnE offers on a different occasion to provide with a seamless experience of online grocery shops in Karachi.


Daraz holds the title for being the first successful Pakistani online grocery shops in Karachi where people can buy each and everything they need. Daraz provides a wide variety of diverse product. You could be looking at thousands of same products from different companies, some imported, others from local shops hence experiencing diverse rates for the same product. You can easily do grocery shopping in Daraz especially if you are from Karachi. The reason being Daraz seems the only place to list down thousands of product types based on user search and the user can easily decide with which product to go with. Rates are very affordable and Daraz delivers all across Pakistan with minimal to no delivery charges.

3) Yayvo Superstores is one of the best online grocery stores in Karachi. Yayvo provides cheap online grocery in Karachi and is known for the quality of its products. Online customers are very satisfied when it comes to pricing and quality. Fresh fruits and vegetables, safe and secure packaging and gentle handling of products are their specialities. Yayvo provides comfortable services for people all across Pakistan.


One of the most trusted and reliable online grocery shops in Karachi that needs no introduction is Naheed has been retaining the title for the best store for years and now with online delivery services, people of Karachi can enjoy the ease of online grocery shopping from the comfort of their homes. Naheed, also being the online supermarket in Karachi, provides a complete range of grocery products within an affordable range.

5) Al-Fatah

Al-Fatah is a trusted online grocery shop in Karachi and to accommodate the need for online grocery shopping, they have started their delivery services for all across Pakistan especially in Karachi. Right now, Al-Fatah is providing with limited items but you can still order the quality grocery products from Al-Fatah at affordable prices.

6) Metro

Metro is a vast online grocery shop in Karachi if you want to order anything online. During the quarantine period, Metro offered a chance to deliver grocery gifts to the underprivileged class of Pakistan. Metro provides with fine quality fresh grocery items, from fruits and vegetables to canned foods. Metro offers all the grocery items at a very affordable price and that is a key reason that Metro has a lot of online consumer base from the city of Karachi only.

7) 24/Seven

24/Seven provides grocery home delivery in Karachi. It is a bit expensive but very authentic online grocery shops in Karachi. They deliver nationwide and provides their customer with lots of grocery shopping items. They kept open for deliveries during the quarantine also. You can order safely from 24/Seven from the comfort of your home. Rest assured 24/Seven won’t let you down.

8) Jalal Sons

Jalal Sons is an old bakery and grocery shop in Pakistan. They have just started delivering nationwide including Karachi. People of Karachi can now taste the savouries of Jalal Sons with minimal hassle. Prices are again very much affordable with minimal to no delivery charges. You can enjoy fresh canned food from Jalal Sons and limited grocery items being one of the best online grocery shops in Karachi.

9) is a huge online shopping brand and serves as the best online grocery shops in Karachi. They serve all kinds of products including fresh grocery items also. People of Karachi can order from They deliver best quality grocery items and other canned foods plus snacks also. Keryana delivers with the best packaging and you can always request for contactless delivery.

10) is another mega online grocery store in Pakistan especially operating on a large scale in the big area of Karachi. The best thing about is that they provide a lot of discount coupons for new as well as existing customers. You can order best quality grocery items and they will make sure to deliver it at your doorstep making the process hassle-free. This makes it one of the best online grocery shops in Karachi till date.

Final word: Online shopping has become a trend. Whether it be online boutique shopping or online mobile stores in Pakistan, people are preferring remote work over the traditional way. Online grocery shopping has become more of a necessity and people are frequently adopting it as it is safe, secure and hassle-free. To study more about online grocery stores in Pakistan, please visit online grocery stores in Pakistan.

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