Digital Billboard Cost in Pakistan

Besides online advertising, the old ways of billboard advertising still exist in today’s world. If we talk about Pakistan, some streets of different cities are a commercially viable artery for advertisers. You can look around in the city you live and will figure out that hundreds of billboards are placed on the streets for the advertisement of various brands including Cocacola, Jazz, KFC, GulAhmed which often fascinates the viewers and convince them to buy the new product. People often find about the new products introduced in the market through these huge billboards.

If we talk about the digital billboard cost in Pakistan, it varies from low to high prices according to the location. According to the advertisers, a small billboard of 10x20ft can cost you around Rs. 70,000 in Pakistan. Other than this, the small billboards up to 200 square feet will cost you around Rs.10,000 per month. Whereas, the largest digital billboard cost of up to 5,000 square feet will be around Rs. 9 million a year in a good commercial location.

So, if you want to advertise your business or product you can contact the advertisers of your city. The government allows these advertising agencies to put up billboards for different companies. So in short, the cost of the digital board will cost you as per the size and the location you want and also may vary to the agency you have communicated with.

For your help, we have also listed down some of the advertising agencies which you can contact or visit for the marketing of your business and concerns related to it.

Some Advertising Agencies of Pakistan

  • Meezan Advertising
  • Adsells OMM new office
  • Mega Marketing Network
  • Unique Advertising
  • Billboard Pakistan
  • Blitz Advertising Ltd
  • Signworld Communications
  • Call Advertisers

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