How to prepare your home for the winter lockdown

The winter season has just begun in Pakistan and there are chances for a complete lockdown in different parts of the country due to the pandemic. As we have already been forced to spend our time in the same surroundings due to the pandemic this year which is why even those who loved to stay indoors, are now feeling overwhelmed by the idea of being locked behind the doors of their homes again because of the lockdown.

So to make your time productive and enjoyable at home, we have decided to list down the ways to prepare for the winter lockdown.

Use candles to light up the house

To make your time productive at home, you need to be comfortable and make your surroundings according to winters to comfort you. You can light up the candles and can minimize the use of electricity. Lightening your rooms with scented candles will not only make your rooms warm but also appealing to your eyes. Close all your windows and doors to avoid the cold breeze to enter your home. You may also use thermal curtains to prepare your home for the winter lockdown as they add an extra layer of insulation when they are drawn.

Install a log burner or arrange open fire

You can also arrange an open fire and stay warm with your family. This way your house will be heated quickly. While you keep yourself warm in the fire, you can enjoy food and can watch tv or just have a good chat with your family. You can also install a log burner for your home to be a perfect remedy for numb fingers and toes due to cold.

Give a new look to your spare room

If you have any guest room or any room which is not in use for a while, then you can utilize it for something else. Like if you are working from home during the winter lockdown, you can make it your office or study room for children who are taking online classes from home. You can also make it a play area for your kids as they can not go out and play or you can make your Tv room to make your day a good one by enjoying movies with your family members and having a cup of hot coffee.

Don’t make your house suffocating

Due to winters, it is good to close down the windows to prevent the cold wind to enter your home. However, you should not shut all your windows and doors and suffocate in your house. According to some researches, scientists claims that ventilation is important to prevent any disease to spread which is why, if you want to keep yourself and your family members safe from the virus you should not keep yourself in a packhouse because ventilation stops the build-up of viral particles in the air inside rooms.

Shop for your grocery in advance

Due to the lockdown, all markets would be closed which is why it is necessary to store the grocery items for your daily use. You can freeze vegetables and fruits and can buy other necessary products in advance. As the winter season has already arrived in many parts of Pakistan, you can store up dry fruits and other products to keep you energized in winters.

As coffee is one of the most comforting things during winter, nobody will ever refuse to have a hot cup of delicious cappuccino to start the day. However, if you want to add more flavor to your taste then you should shop for different varieties of coffee and their new recipes. Try them out, and also serve others to warm up.

Bring books of your favorite writers to read and fill your shelves

To utilize your time, you can go and shop for the books you would like to read and can enjoy reading them. According to some researches, the number of readers doubled in the last lockdown.

Some people claimed to read books to stay entertained while some wanted to escape from the crisis and some had ample spare time. Here are some of the buys you can try in this coming winter lockdown.

  1. The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac.
  2. This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate by Naomi Klein
  3.  The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future by David Wallace-Wells
  4. Music from Big Pink, John Niven
  5. Weather, Jenny Offill.

These are all the ways to prepare your house for the winter lockdown. If you are wondering what things you can do to survive this upcoming winter lockdown then don’t worry as we have the solution to this. You can give a quick look at the article, the best activities to do in a lockdown situation, and find out interesting ways to spend quality time during this lockdown.

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