• Photo of List of Best Medical Universities in Karachi

    List of Best Medical Universities in Karachi

    Pakistan has many top medical universities in its different cities. These institutes have outstanding research quality and highly trained teacher who teaches students with great skills and prepares students for potential challenges in their profession. These medical universities are both private and public.   This article discusses the top 10 best medical universities in Karachi recognized by HEC.  Agha Khan medical university  Agha Kahn University is Pakistan’s largest university. It was founded by Prince Aga Khan in 1983. The primary campus is situated in Karachi and also has other branches in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the United Kingdom, and Afghanistan. To order…

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  • Photo of Unsafe mineral water brands in Pakistan

    Unsafe mineral water brands in Pakistan

    There are a large number of mineral water companies that are providing water under the tag of pure mineral water which is in real unsafe for human consumption. They only aim to generate large sales and maximize their profits. Such labels do not give importance to customer health and protection and have poor quality standards.  Consumers either purchase such bottles of mineral water as they are priced at cheap cost, or certain consumers are not conscious of the brand, and they do not check the label before purchasing. It is very important for consumers to distinguish between low quality and…

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