Steps to Register Domain in Pakistan

Easy to understand steps to register domain for your school, college, or university within Pakistan.

What is the purpose of domain? 

The edu. pk domain is a second-level country-code domain extension in Pakistan. This domain is used for educational institutes and organizations in Pakistan to register their website. You can register your edu. pk domain for a minimum of two years and can renew it afterward. The charges for registration are very affordable and you can register for domain by providing all the necessary information to PK-Domain conveniently. 

How to register Edu. pk domain for your institute? 

To register an edu. pk domain for your business you need to follow all the steps mentioned below.

  1. Find a company that can register a domain name in Edu extension for your business. You can visit (,, and pknic)  
  2. Make the payment as per the procedure mentioned at the website you choose to get your domain registered from. 
  1. The company will confirm you the registration 
  1. You have to send a few documents (mentioned below) that are required.
  1. Verification for your registration may take 10-20 days 
  1. The company will make a hosting account and will send details to you. 

Eligibility criteria for the domain 

There is an eligibility criterion that is applied to the applicant to check that the business is eligible to register for a domain. According to this criterion, the institute should be legally registered with the government with a physical presence in Pakistan.

You cannot register a domain for illegal business purposes. All domains are registered by PKMIC. However, all PKNIC resellers such as the websites mentioned above have the authority to register an Edu. pk domain as well. 

Documents required to register domain 

Some important documents include:

  • A copy of the charter is needed if a chartered university is being registered.
  • An affiliation certificate is required if the institute is affiliated with someone.
  • A copy of the CNIC of the chancellor or the head of the institute.
  • Handwritten requests on an official letter by the chancellor.
  • You have to send all the mentioned documents to the address of PKNIC. You can find the address on the official website of PKNIC .

Your Domain will be authorized and registered after your documents are verified by the PKNIC. If an applicant is not able to provide required proofs of being a legal institute in Pakistan within the 30 days of domain registration then the registration fee would be refunded to the PKNIC registrar account.  

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