PTA Raided Illegal Gateway in Multan

Another Telephony Gateway Raided

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority continues to raid illegal telephony gateways throughout Pakistan. On 26th July, 2020, as reported by PTA, another illegal telephony gateway was raided in Multan.

In its continuous efforts to curtail grey telephone trafficking, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in coordination with Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), carried out a successful raid in Multan.


According to the details, the raid was conducted at Mohallah Allama Iqbal, Multan. During the raid, an illegal exchange comprising of 14 VoIP gateways, 7 routers, 4 internet devices, 3 laptops, and a mobile phone along with other equipment was recovered. One person was arrested from the premises.

The ongoing successful raids are testament to PTA’s continuous monitoring, commitment and persistent efforts made with the support of FIA in curtailing grey traffic.

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