Cadbury Chocolates Giveaway Scam Alert

Cadbury chocolates scam is trending on the social media especially via WhatsApp and Facebook. Please do not become a victim of these scammers at all.

Scammers using phishing pages design web pages showing that its from Cadbury. Cadbury company doesn’t own such scam web sites or pages that are viral these days for giveaways.

Cadbury chocolate giveaway scammers have listed the information in such a way that innocent people start believing on it. Especially the fake Facebook comments and counter of remaining gift boxes of cadbury chocolates.

Similar frauds on the name of other well-known companies have been also reported.

How Cadbury-Chocolates Giveaway is a scam?

Firstly the domains and websites are not owned by Cadbury.

Secondly all official giveaways are marketed with proper channels directly on Cadbury’s own social media.

Thirdly the website quality is obviously cheap and its a fake low quality website like

These scammers use same script and just change the text to make people fool.

The page will only work on mobile as they target mostly mobile audience.

How Cadbury Chocolate Giveaway Scam can trick you?

It can trick you in multiple ways for example, you may see number of chocolates remaining boxes which is fake.

The title of scam or fake giveaway is: “We are celebrating our anniversary and giving away free box of chocolates to 500 people.” The number of boxes may vary as they update it randomly.

You’ll be asked to answer 2-3 random questions to qualify for this gift box. For example: Do you like Cadbury? Have you tried Cadbury chocolate in the past month? Do you buy cadbury products? Will you suggest Cadbury to family and friends?

A counter shall randomly updated for the remaining cadbury gift boxes as if its really gets updated.

Below the questions, you’ll find fake Facebook style comments in favor of Cadbury Chocolates giveaway. Those are totally fake.

Finally if you answer all the questions, a dummy processing icon will be shown. The results will be loaded as if they checked your answers. They will qualify you 100%.

Upon qualification, you’ll be shown a message similar to this:-

1. Share it to 20 of your friends/groups via WHATSAPP (click on the “WhatsApp” icon below).
2. Click on “Claim box” and enter your details.
3. Download the box.

This is scammer’s message for sharing on WhatsApp: –

WOW! Cadbury is giving everyone free 12 chocolate box to celebrate its 116th anniversary!. Get your free box at : http:// www . cadbury-chocolates . club/

And when you click on Claim Gift: –

If you haven’t shared then ‘Sharing is not completed, You must share to continue message is displayed.

And if you had shared, further personal, private, and confidential information is requested. For example, your name, email, phone number, credit or debit card details sometimes, and address etc.

What do Cadbury Chocolate Giveaway Scammers get from it?

Cadbury chocolate giveaway scammers and similar fake giveaway campaign scammers basically get your personal private information. It may include name, email, phone numbers, address, zip code, credit and debit card information, and sometimes access to your social media accounts by phishing pages.

Once they have the information, they simply sell it or use to build marketing lists. They can also hack your account and use it for their own benefits. Card information is used to make online purchases.

This is the reason that you get trapped easily with fake scam messages or scam offers.

What you should do about it?

For now please understand that similar offers are scam. Don’t share it with your friends and family.

If you want to help others then, please share this resource with friends and family. At least this would save them from future scam offers.

Also report other scam websites in the comments section which are similar and offering other giveaways on the name of some other big companies or brands.

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