Oriflame Money Reward Scam on Social Media

Recently our scam detecting team discovered posts in Facebook groups about Oriflame and similar companies reward program.

Firstly its totally fake. People are falling into the scam of Oriflame named reward program easily as the scammers show proofs of pictures with pay checks.

What they are offering to people?

This is one of the sample message we copied to share. Please don’t follow it anyway.

Asslam o alaikum all ?
مجھے محنتی لڑکیوں اور عورتوں کی ضرورت ہے۔جو گھر بیٹھ کر کام کرنا چاہتی ہیں ۔ عمر اور تعلیم کی کوئی حد نہیں ۔
آپکو ہر چیز سکھائی جاے گی۔ آپ کے تمام مسائل کو حل کیا جاے گا۔ اور آپکو کا میاب ہونے کے تمام راز سکھاے جائیں گے ۔
کام شروع کرنے کے بعد آپکو یہ فائدے حاصل ہوں گے۔
1: profit
2: commission
3: welcome gifts (1000rs)
4: sale action gifts (5000rs)
5:recruit gifts
6: cash award
7: international tour free of cost
it’s such a kind of business for which ?
•No higher education is necessary
•Online home based work especially for housewife, students, jobless etc
•Full support and regular guidance from your seniors to help
•Income is just based on ur effort , It has no limit
•No age limits
So come and join us be a part of successful team
Contact me inbox

How this is fake or scam?

Well firstly there is no such reward program offered by Oriflame, which is a Sweden cosmetic company.

If they offer anything or run any such campaign, it is always published on their official website and social media page. Yes, they have published on giving away free gift hampers to those who follow up with their posts and recreate the looks with their products. But its not like whoever joins their network earns a lot.

Secondly, the money check picture of Meezan bank is fake. The pay check of Meezan does not look like this. The name of the account holder is not repeatedly printed. There is no such way to print the fields digitally on these types of regular checks. Instead they are hand written.

Oriflame is a Sweden company and it doesn’t have Meezan business bank account especially when they are dealing with cosmetics business this way.

Moreover, there are additional items like QR code on the check is fake.

The rest of pictures can be true but they are of another event which are wrongly linked to this scam on the name of Oriflame cosmetics.

Somewhere when we studied Oriflame Pakistan social media page, we found that people are promoting others to join Oriflame and earn money with it. They register them with Oriflame for either fee or sometimes free. Later they ask you to sell or resell their products and earn commissions. The commissions are literally very small and only few people are earning by selling their products. The pictures are related to their reward or commission on selling.

It’s all about calling more people to sell their products and then sending few of them small gifts to keep things real. I personally verified, there is nothing such thing. People get registered with them and then, asked to sell their products. They are convinced to sell more products to get more rewards and get a chance for that so-called fake check in the picture.

Also Oriflame Pakistan seems to deal unfair or operating unfair in Pakistan as well. If they are real and there programs are real then, why not they have listed this type of details on their website. Why they don’t have proper way of on-boarding resellers or affiliates. Why they needed to let people share fake checks on their own page and they are silent on it.

It’s nothing but, a scam. No doubt, few people may be earning but most of others are deceived. You will keep selling the products by cold calling to other people or on social media but you won’t get that money which is shown on the scam pictures.

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