PTA decides to Ban PUBG in Pakistan

PUBG ban in Pakistan is about to take place within few days. Government of Pakistan via Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has decided to take action against this fight and war action game.

According to PTA report, they received multiple complaints against PUBG game and its impact on individuals lives.

No doubt PUBG, a war action game, by China has appeared as an addiction among youngsters. People also reported fights, lack of attention in their studies, isolation from their family, and especially mental disturbance after playing PUBG game.

Government of Pakistan also focused that this game is ruining our youngsters mental health unknowingly. They simoly won’t allow this to happen.

Is PUBG is banned now in Pakistan?

Yes, PUBG is currently banned in Pakistan. No confirmation has been made on lifting the ban.

Is PUBG banned permanently in Pakistan?

According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority decision, the permanent ban on PUBG game is not yet confirmed.

It is worth noting that recently India also put a ban on around 60 Chineses apps including Tiktok, but not PUBG.

Previously PTA also put a restriction on Pakistani corporations to provide unregistered VPN services.

Thoughts of Public on PUBG Ban

If PUBG is getting banned because some child committed suicide by overdose. Let me remind you that hundreds of students commits suicide every year because of mental pressure & overburden they face in universities. Ban those institutes. This is not how things work. Ridiculous


We agree with Raza’s comment and recent student’s protest against HEC is a clear proof of it.

#PUBG Just saw the news of pubg being banned I don’t understand why because it does not have too high graphics if you think they have you should check call of duty black cops4 gta online and apex legends and and if you think that this promotes suicide first of fall it doesn’t

Harris Iqbal

Another guy added this photo

Many people are living a career with PUBG

I want to Appeal You @PTAofficialpk For UNBAN PUBG.There are many Player Who Are Representing Pakistan internationally Through Pubg and Many Gamers Have Entertainment Gaming Content on Youtube and many People have careers on this game. You will destroy their careers ! #pubg

Mohsin Champ

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