GOP plans to issue Pakistani Youtuber Card for Existing & New Youtubers in Pakistan

GOP plans for a legislative medium to identify, register, and drive revenue from existing and new YouTubers in Pakistan.

As broadcast on Pakistan’s national television, Government of Pakistan is about to open a system of YouTuber Registrations. This initiative has been taken by Prime Minister of Pakistan to empower youth and drive revenue for the country.

Firdous Ashiq Awan, minister of information, announced that PDC shall be responsible for the registrations of new and existing Youtubers. Becoming a registered Youtuber shall reward with a registered Youtuber card. This card can then be used to cover any news as a media channel just like normal television media channel reporters.

Yet, several guidelines and SOPs are currently being discussed in the meetings.

This is just a decision yet and no implementation has been made until now. Implementation and opening of registrations shall be announced soon by the GOP.

Get to know how this legislative measure for YouTubers in Pakistan shall impact existing and new YouTubers.

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