PTA Blocked VPNs & VOIP Services: How to use it now?

PTA blocked all VPNs and VOIP services for consumers except for the businesses and educational institutions. Besides their claim that VPN & VOIP services are blocked for regular connections, some businesses are still facing blockage.

VPNs and VOIPs are normally blocked due to illegal use of communication protocols and services. PTA continued to raid illegal gateways, but now they’ve completely blocked the services for end users except for businesses and educational institutions.

Either you’re running a business or an educational institution, you can simply make a call to the internet service provider to remove this blockage. The regular users can also make use of VPNs & VOIP services after registering their application or request to their ISPs.

All the private and public VPNs must be registered to a legit entity. If you don’t register it, you may face throttled VPN service or fully blocked.

To request removal of blockage for your IP, you need to either call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or email at their support mail address with the following details:

  • Your IP address
  • Your name that you’re using against your internet connection
  • The reason why you need VPN / VOIP service
  • If you’re a business then, share business activity details
  • Some ISPs also request for particular VPN / VOIP server to access. We recommend sharing the domain name of the provider or the server domain / IP that may have multiple servers on its sub-domains.

Let us know in comments if you need further help in this regard.

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