Websites which are the best alternative to Propakistani

Propakistani is a website in Pakistan that publishes authentic and insightful articles covering numerous fields. These include business, technology and telecommunications, education, automobile, and aviation. It is one of the largest news publishers in Pakistan. However, several other forums have been developed over the years to offer factual articles and accurate information to keep readers updated. Now there are many good alternatives to Propakistani which we will list down in this article for you to go through.


TechJuice is Pakistan’s leading news source for technology, committed to highlighting and encouraging Pakistani start-ups and entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency, innovative emerging gadgets, Pakistan’s latest smartphone rates, and breaking news on technology. It is a perfect website other than Propakistani as a source of readers for news articles.


Pakistantoday is one of the good alternatives to Propakistani which writes articles on sports, business, foreign matters, entertainment, and others. The website writes daily articles to keep its users updated. Pakistantoday also has its application which you can download for top-up notifications about the latest news and updates.

Dawn not only has a newspaper but also has a site like Propakistani where it employs professional writers to write about the latest news and current affairs of not only Pakistan but also around the world. It covers all information regarding technology, business, sports, culture, and much more. You can check out these news blogs by visiting their website. So if you are working on some assignments to gather precise, relevant, and most valid data, Dawn is the site best for you.

Tribune. pk

Tribune is the online website of express tribune which is a site like Propakistani. It depends on its distributed team of news experts working 24 hours, 7 days a week to deliver credible and up-to-the-minute news to its audience. Staffed by a team devoted to delivering the latest news as developments evolve in fields of education, sports, technology, and others. Tribune is one of the most trusted sites by the readers due to its authentic data.

The is a Pakistani news site like Propakistani which has thousands of readers. It hires highly skilled writers for its blogs and provides the most authentic information to its readers. This is the reason why it is the most preferred news website of Pakistan and a good alternative to Propakistani. You can read the newspaper online on the website and can learn about the latest news in education, entertainment, business, and others.

These are all the perfect alternatives to Propakistani. You can search for if you need to gather the most appropriate form of information related to any field. You can also have a look at the list of the top 10 best job portals in Pakistan. Many readers may find this article helpful especially those who are in search of jobs in Pakistan.

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