5 Online Study Websites in Pakistan for Courses

The Internet has made the world a Global village where trading and business has become an integral part of life. This brings an inevitable existence of knowledgeable and skilled persons to run the global hub. Education has also improved and adapted to the passage of time in the form of online study websites. It is not about a specific venue in the presence of specific people, it has become more about having skills and knowledge. Knowledge has become money in this age of advancement. Since, the changing trends in education have evolved the concept of learning, at this point, virtual education came into the picture with the support of online study websites.

Right now, virtual education is playing an important role. Considering the global on-going pandemic situation, online study websites helps run the wheel worldwide and anything related to remote became new normal. Virtual education is not confined by boundaries for instance, it doesn’t require a venue and specific date and time to work. The concept of online study websites is user-friendly and people have adopted the new norm of remote or virtual work easily. Virtual education has become the need of the hour and people realized that bricks and mortar model might not be weak enough but when it comes to a global pandemic or extreme situations, this is the first thing that falls and couldn’t be retained.

Online study websites or virtual education is of 2 types. They can be free or paid. There is also a third option where you can audit a course. By auditing, it means that you can learn the paid course but with no certificate awarded at the end because paid course usually awards you with a signed certificate from professors, unlike free courses where no certificate is awarded. There is a diversity of paid and free courses being accessible on online study websites.

You can learn the courses in your comfort zone through online study websites. This opens another dimension of learning quickly. The main motivation is money saving in this era of inflation. You can save a significant amount of money by opting for virtual courses from online study websites and hence increasing the learning curve while attending the courses from the comfort zone of your home with a cup of refreshing tea.

Below is a list of 5 best online courses that you can pursue while being in Pakistan. They contain a mixture of free and paid courses. You can skim through the website and register for your favourite online course. The detailed information is also mentioned alongside with all the courses.


DigiSkills is an online study website by the Government of Pakistan’s that provides students with a lot of worthy courses to learn and adapt new skills. Students being digitally aware can choose a specific course based on their expertise and future needs. Majorly IT related courses are available which makes this website best for IT students. Other students can also join the courses because every course starts from the very beginner level and takes the students to the advance level. Students can then train individuals to spread the knowledge further and help other people who cannot access the internet for online study websites being the underprivileged class of Pakistani society. It is always a good idea to go for spreading knowledge and help people gain skills.

The site is one of the best to learn digital skills like Freelancing, E-Commerce Management, Digital Marketing, Digital Literacy, QuickBooks, AutoCAD, WordPress, Graphics Design, Creative Writing & SEO. Visit the website for more information at

2) Udemy

Udemy is one of the best platforms for online study websites. It is not only made for students but professionals also who wanted to improve their skillset over time. It is always a good option to go for skill improvement and enhancing skills with market needs. Online courses provide such opportunities at minimal cost and equip you with the never-getting-deprecated skills and work ethics. You get the know the current conventions or about any change in technology or your field. They keep you updated with the recent information. Udemy has the best guide for courses. Whether it be marketing related or language learning courses. You can always request for demo first before formally enrolling in the courses at online study websites such as Udemy.

The quality provided by Udemy is undoubtedly the best and can vouch for you when it comes to recruitment. Visit the website here at

3) Coursera

Coursera is one of the most reliable online study websites and provides quality online learning platform giving a diversity of accredited & non-accredited courses. More than 25 million users are currently registered and they offer more than 2000 diverse online courses. One of the best things about Coursera is that you always have an option to avail paid courses for free by opting in for financial assistance. You just need to submit a form answering their questions. Upon acceptance from their side, you can avail all the opportunities as if you are a student who paid for the course and there you go! All these courses in which learners opt for using online study websites, add up a value to your CV.

Also, Coursera has its private E-library that will also help a learner a lot. Visit the website here at

4) SkillShare

Another option to go for online study websites is SkillShare. It has around 19,000 online courses to learn new technologies and trends. You can always use SkillShare to interact with the professional. SkillShare always provides with a valuable result and never disappoints the learning enthusiasts. You can have professional advice; you can go for analyzing market trends, new tech stack that is being followed by the organizations and much more while exploring this online study website. SkillShare allows cooperating with professional experts, entrepreneurs and CEOs willing to share their life-long beneficial knowledge and experience.

SkillShare is rated as the top online study website for Human Resource (HR) related courses as it has around 100 courses on this domain. Visit the website for more info at

5) SkillSuccess

SkillSuccess is an online study website that has a broader range of online courses available which spans from business, health, HR, technology, personal development, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, languages and many more. These are all certified, top-notch online courses that assist you to become more and more creative and develop a better productive attitude. One of the minor concern that has been raised by fellow learners is the fact that due to the non-popularity of the websites, the certificates provided are not widely recognized by educational institutes or recruiters but in my opinion, this should not stand as a major barrier in learning because ultimately the world is moving towards remote options and SkillSuccess will soon develop its name in the market.

It will be then a matter of time when recruiters start widely recognizing the certificates provided by online study websites such as SkillSuccess. Visit the website here at

Besides these short courses, people enroll as a full-time student in different universities to learn relevant skills. There are many renowned universities for IT programs in Pakistan. For creative CS techies, there is an availability of many graphic designing institutes in Pakistan.

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